New General Sales Conditions


1 – General

The purpose of these General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter the General Conditions) is to define the relations between Alexandra Rançon, representative for Objectif Media, as an independent, whose head office is located Rue du Papenkastel 148 Bruxelles 1180, under VAT number 0810643846. Objectif Media offers advertising space sales services in magazines and on digital websites and also event marketing. In particular, Objectif Media assists publishers and customers of websites and magazines to optimize the management and marketing of advertising space. Objectif Media management allows publishers and customers to define and implement the sales strategy for the advertising space available on their media or events. Publishers and customers declare that they have read, understood and accepted these General Conditions of Sale and that they are legally capable of giving their consent. Objectif Media reserves the right to initiate any legal action if it considers that it is the victim of any damage whatsoever due to actions contrary to these GTC.

2 – Marketing

Objectif Media offers any publisher and client to sell advertising space on its behalf to advertisers, potential sponsors or agency representatives. In remuneration for his services, the stage manager will receive a commission on the net turnover net of tax, and after payment by the advertisers and upon presentation of an invoice, will transfer the balance to the advertisers’ payment at the end of the month, ie the 30th of the month, at the editor.
The publisher undertakes not to directly accept any advertising falling within the scope of this contract, and to transmit to the stage manager all offers, proposals or correspondence which reach him on this subject.

If the publisher is a natural person, he will indicate his full name, enter the address of the head office for a legal person or the publisher’s address if it is a natural person, Indicate the intra-community VAT number and the SIRENE number must be communicated to the Objectif Media management. Indicate the contact details of the Objectif media agency in the media – Indicate that the media (site or magazine) complies with laws and regulations, accepted standards of morality, and that it does not contain any statement likely to affect the
human dignity or of a racist, xenophobic or pedophile character, …

Choice of advertising strategy

Subject to the following information, the definition of the advertising strategy, Objectif Media is free to offer advertisers or advertising agencies of its choice to insert advertisements on the publisher’s sites or magazines. By default or lack of details given or choice made by the publisher, Objectif Media may freely offer advertisers the areas where their advertisements appear on the publisher’s media, in particular in all formats, namely in the form of banners, pavers, skycraper, video, skin, native advertizing, text link, buttons, advertising page, advertorial, contest, stands, etc. as well as in all existing and future formats. The relationship between Objectif Media and the publisher is not exclusive.

No publisher is under any obligation of exclusivity, which is free to entrust the management of its media for advertising purposes to any other service provider. Likewise, Objectif Media is free to manage the communication for advertising purposes of all other publishers and web media and magazines.
By subscribing to Objectif Media’s services, the Publisher acknowledges expressly accepting, for the duration of the commercial relationship:
a) The principle of repayment in remuneration of his services, the stage manager will receive a commission on the net turnover excluding taxes, and after payment by the advertisers and on presentation of an invoice, will retrocede the balance at the end of the month, ie on the 30th of month, to the publisher, and direct billing to advertisers or agent agencies. Otherwise, they will be deemed to comply and constitute the law of the parties. In the event of a dispute within fifteen days of the issue of the invoice, the publisher will submit to Objectif Media the modified invoice which appears to him to be in conformity with the following address: Rue du Papenkasteel 148 Bruxelles 1180, It will be up to the Publisher to fulfill all of its tax obligations with the administrations concerned.

3 – Objectif Media’s obligations

Objectif Media is committed to making every effort to find advertisers interested in purchasing advertising space on the publisher’s and customers’ websites and magazines and events. Objectif Media is committed to relaunching advertisers regarding overdue invoices.

4 – Obligations of the Publisher

The publisher undertakes that the content of its website or magazine remains in compliance with laws and regulations, that it does not contain any statement likely to harm human dignity or of a racist, xenophobic or pedophile character, not to be contrary to morality etc. In addition, the Publisher undertakes not to become a community or peer to peer type site.

The Publisher declares that it is the holder of intellectual property rights allowing it to put its website or magazine online, and that it can freely distribute all the content, texts and images that compose it. The publisher authorizes Objectif Media to register it with all of its advertising partners. In general, the publisher guarantees Objectif Media against any questioning of its responsibility which would result from a violation by
the Law Rule Editor. Objectif Media may suspend its commercial relations with the Publisher in the event of non-compliance or violation of any of the obligations mentioned above, and terminate the contractual relationship with the publisher. Objectif Media also reserves the right to institute any legal action justified by the defense of his interests.

5 – Conditions of access to services

Objectif Media is only bound by an obligation of means with regard to the continuity of its services such as prospecting advertisers for the site or the publisher’s magazines. Objectif Media is not subject to any obligation of result. Due to the nature of the services offered, Objectif Media cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage caused by the loss of contracts or a drop in turnover, etc. without this giving rise to any compensation. The same is true in the event of a permanent cessation of the commercial collaboration between Objectif Media and the publisher, advertisers will remain the property of Objectif media management during the period of the contract signed with the advertiser. In general, Objectif Media will make its best efforts to ensure continuity of the service offered.

6 – Applicable law and competent courts

The applicable law is Belgian law. The French-speaking commercial courts of Brussels are competent.

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