The Official Ferrari Magazine

 The Official Ferrari Magazine  is a  quarterly  lifestyle title with a privileged inside view of the extensive world of Ferrari and beyond, from the legends of the past to the innovations of today and tomorrow,  combining Ferrari in-depth knowledge with art, culture, fashion and luxury. A truly unique, exclusive publication,  The Official Ferrari Magazine  reflects the excellence, innovation and world of Ferrari customers.

Exclusivity is absolutely central to Ferrari: the Company’s cars are the most sought after and anticipated throughout the automotive world, with production always kept below demand. It follows that Ferrari’s clients include the world’s wealthiest and most influential people. Yet at the same time, the brand enjoys a high profile, attracting intense interest from the public at large. Ferrari is known worldwide as the company that doesn’t just sell cars, but sells a dream. Being with Ferrari means being a part of this dream.
The Official Ferrari Magazine  is a highly exclusive lifestyle publication dedicated to the selected community of Ferrari owners and enthusiasts, who are passionate about style, design, performance, technology, culture and art, Italian spirit, fashion and perfection. It features ground-breaking articles and commentaries by high-profile writers, accompanied by photographs by internationally renowned  photographers, on all matters of interest to Ferrari owners.
Each issue reaches more than 160,000  of the world’s most affluent individuals.
Ferrari has  16,500,000 fans on Facebook .
30%  of the readers own more than one Ferrari  80%  of the readers own at least one boat  10%  of the readers own a private plane or helicopter.
The Official Ferrari Magazine  is mailed to named owners of new and classic Ferraris around the world from the Ferrari headquarters at
Maranello, Italy. The Magazine has a projected worldwide readership of 160,000 (source: Readership survey).
The distribution includes more than 50 countries, in all the top markets:
EMEA 50%
FNA 29%
The Official Ferrari Magazine  is published three times a year, with a distribution of 30,000 copies and 50,000 for the Yearbook issue.
As well as the printed edition,  The Official Ferrari Magazine  is now available online, on desktop and handheld devices. Subscribers can enjoy
access to exclusive, regularly updated content, additional photography, special behind-the-scene videos and interviews, plus all the latest news
from Maranello, straight from the Prancing Horse’s mouth. Visit for further details
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