She’s Mercedes Benz Belgium

 She’s magazine highlights women with a remarkable journey and their inspiring stories. We take on the role of – future – female leaders from fashion, business, art or science, who share their vision, personal and professional achievements with us. We bundled their portraits, interviews and unique initiatives in the Salon section. Like the Me magazine, the She’s magazine contains a ‘Start’ and ‘Drive’ section, but in a feminine way.Technical Data….

Mercedes Benz Magazine Germany

Iconic brand in the automotive world, Mercedes-Benz must speak to its public, to inform them, maintain theirinterest and retain them, but also to maintain and develop their image Luxurious 84-page magazine.Distribution: 700,000 copies in German13,000 copies in English Periodicity: QuarterlyRead the magazineDownload the media kit

She’s Mercedes Benz Germany

“Women inspire the world”. Magazine She’s by Mercedes Benz Germany.100% feminineSemi-annual magazine76 pagesDistribution 191,000 copies in German19,000 copies in EnglishShe’s Mercedes is a magazine and a platform dedicated to inspiring, connecting and empowering women to unleash their best.She’s Mercedes consists of networking events, a print magazine and this dig….

Classic Mercedes Benz Germany

Mercedes Benz ClassicThe magazine “Mercedes-Benz Classic” is the ultimate magazine for fascinating stories about people and machinery on the myth of Mercedes-Benz.100 pages3 issues / yearTarget:97% male62% between 20 and 59Significant purchasing power, exclusive lifestyle, interest in new productsRead the magazineDownload the media kit

Magazine Circle par Mercedes Benz Allemagne

CIRCLE MagazineMERCEDES Circle magazine is one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. For owners of high-end Mercedes-Benz models.Target: Mercedes benz customers with a budget of around 1 million euros / year-1 magazine / year-4,000 copies in German and 9,000 copies in English International distribution: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA and CanadaDownload the media kitRead the magazine


Special Edition Classic & Sports Car Collection

The French version of Classic & Sports Car, the world reference for vintage car magazines, launches a collection of special issues, dedicated to emblematic brands in the automotive world.This new luxurious edition with a large pagination (between 180 and 196 pages), a print run of 20,000 copies, high-end heavyweight paper, a special cover treatment, highlights an exceptional editorial that retains its Bri….

The Official Ferrari Magazine

 The Official Ferrari Magazine  is a  quarterly  lifestyle title with a privileged inside view of the extensive world of Ferrari and beyond, from the legends of the past to the innovations of today and tomorrow,  combining Ferrari in-depth knowledge with art, culture, fashion and luxury. A truly unique, exclusive publication,  The Official Ferrari Magazine  reflects the excellence, innovation and world of Ferrari customers.

Exclusivity is abso….